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Why book an interview

Let's discuss the details of your art event in advance. This is how we ensure that everything fits.

What others say about me


Melanie R., Rostock

The artist advises personally with an on-site appointment, I find this "trial hanging" to be extremely important when making a selection. I have to see how a work works in my own four walls. Then I have the feeling that I made the right decision and I can enjoy it every day.

Design ohne Titel 2.png

Caroline M., Hanover

I got a beautiful unique piece from Mrs. Stemmer. There was great excitement as to what she would do with our colors and information, and we were completely thrilled with our image.  
Everything went together perfectly from the start.


Roger K., Koblenz

There were four of us in the studio. It was an exciting afternoon and we took a lot of new impressions with us.

I also had lively discussions with Ms. Stemmer about NFTs and the Metaverse.

Ute K. and Claudia L., Ulm

“I think you can see how much fun we had in the studio! It's unbelievable what there is to discover in terms of brushes and tools alone. And all the colors and pigments... A wonderful world to immerse ourselves in for an afternoon.”
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