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summerhouse on mars - WILL I BE MISSED? Humans will colonise Mars. Does art play a role there? If so, what role? A fictitious summer house on Mars as a MindReference of the future. The konsum 163 contemporary art gallery is conducting an explorative experiment. Three Earth artists are designing a fictitious scenario, their summer house on Mars. The sculptor Thomas Räpke, the photographer Gottfried Römer and the painter Anja Stemmer combine their works to create an earth-reminiscent living landscape. A space in memory of the last summer days on Mother Earth.

Vernissage on 29.6. from 7 pm - please register.

Die Ausstellung Summerhouse On Mars mit Informeller Malerei von Anja Stemmer.jpg
Informelle Malerei Anja Stemmer Ausstellung Summerhouse on Mars.jpg

And that's how the curator introduces me: 


Anja Stemmer takes the liberty of practising her art experimentally. In contrast to the consciously senseless painting process of Informel in its pure culture, her experimental approach requires preparation - a profound examination of the material, finesse in the choice of painting media and corresponding control of the material. This enables a repeatability of the painting process. This repeatability, however, only concerns the external factors. The transformation of the flow of thought onto the painting medium is of course situational and thus the output individual.

But it is precisely through this structural approach that form-related, serial-looking works are created, which radiate a sovereignty both as large-format canvases and as small-format abstract works, which one also feels from the first moment when meeting the artist. She knows exactly what she is doing and how she is doing something, the rest is subject to the free artistic process. The path alone is marked by constant change. Art is the outlet of this artist who outwardly radiates so much calm, the inherent energy her motivation. Her personal biography, too, is always in a state of flux. From a graduate physicist to a successful career in international management to a visual artist. Her internationally recognised works are already represented outside Germany in private collections in Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Namibia and the USA, among others.

Informelle Malerei von Anja Stemmer - das XXL Acrlbild YOUniverse
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