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The Butterfly Effect - informal abstract painting on canvas

The Butterfly Effect - informal abstract painting on canvas

Acrylic, collage, mixed media on canvas

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Chaos and order: What forms of self-organization are similar in nature and society? Edwart N. Lorenz, an American mathematician and meterologist was considered a pioneer of chaos theory. He raised the question in a lecture "Can the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?" 


The butterfly effect is about the unpredictability of long-term effects that even small changes can bring. Originally related to the phenomenon of weather, the effect describes a property of nonlinear but deterministic systems that is actually familiar to all of us from our everyday and professional lives: you can't plan too far in advance because life inevitably takes different paths.... 


About Informal Painting and Tachism Art:

The essence of informal art is not only an artistic attitude, but a passion that is reflected in each work. The paint becomes the voice of the artist or the artist, on the canvas she puts her vision quai on a stage. The works of informal art have now found their place in museums and art collections around the world, - there they are important as a living and fascinating testimony of human creativity.


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