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Safari-   inspiring German informal art to invest in for office

Safari- inspiring German informal art to invest in for office

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Find details, measures and pricing in my art catalogue.


The Big Five of a safari in Africa are elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo. But why these five of all animals? There are many other animals that are at least as big - like the giraffe, the wildebeest or the hippo...!


The term "Big Five" originates from colonial times. It refers to the most attractive prey of the big game hunters during their tours through the savannah. What was attractive was measured by the difficulty of killing an animal. The more dangerous it was to kill an animal on a hunting safari, the more valuable the trophy. And so the Big Five describes not the largest, but the most dangerous animals on a safari in Africa.


Fortunately, the days of big game hunters are over; we modern "hunters" of vacation adventures prefer to take our camera and telephoto lens with us on safari. Those who want to remember the safari feeling across the board and independent of the specific moment can also find their own personal clues for the visual presence of the "Big Five" in this work.

About informal painting:


The artworks of informal art are like a spontaneous explosion of colors on the canvas. They show the true essence of color, its movements, its jumps and its drops. Artists of informal painting often reject any form or object, allowing only color as the only subject. It is an artistic attitude that rejects the classical principles of composition and geometric abstractions, preferring instead an immediate, gestural and eruptive technique oriented to the painting process.

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