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XXL Informal painting
Acrylic on canvas

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About the work:
Looping is a contemporary work of art that encourages courageous and determined, powerful action.

In a time when something unexpected can happen at any moment, fear is not a good advisor. Observation and reflection, however, give us guidance in turbulent circumstances - an intensification of awareness is necessary to steer the evolution of things in a positive direction.


A state of permanent revolution has become the norm, the process of change an everyday reality. The best reaction to this? To accept life instead of dismissing it as chaos and letting go of old ideas. This is what the work wants to stimulate.

About informal tachism art:
The art of color, the art of freedom - informal art is a celebration of innovation and creativity. Its origin is as multifaceted as the works themselves, the essence of which cannot be expressed in a single style. Michel Tapié, the inventor of the term Art Informel, thus created a unique connection between the various abstract art movements of the post-war period. By rejecting any concreteness or abstract forms, he created space for the free development of color on the canvas. The essence of informal art is not just an artistic attitude, but a passion that is reflected in every work. The color becomes the artist's voice, the canvas the stage of her vision. And so the works of informal art have found their place in museums and art collections worldwide, as a living and fascinating testament to human creativity.

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