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In the circus - vibrant German informal art to invest in

In the circus - vibrant German informal art to invest in

Acrylic and pigments on canvas

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You enjoy the moment - full of vitality, unforced and free. Rationality always goes - but your alert intuition lets you celebrate the real successes. You show everyone how elegant improvisation can succeed!


About informal painting:


The works of informal painters in post-war Europe were non-representational and showed the result of an artistic process. Color was and is the heart of their art and they let it flow freely onto the canvas. Spontaneous, gestural and eruptive applications of color are typical of informal art.


Despite their importance and painterly innovations in the field, informal art artists from Europe had a hard time on the international art market. The American abstract painters dominated the market and the Europeans were often ignored. But today this situation has been reversed. On the art market cool informal painting 2023 is very sought after.

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