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Earl Zeppelin - informal abstract painting for interior design

Earl Zeppelin - informal abstract painting for interior design

Acrylic & mixed media on canvas

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Let yourself be carried away by an airship and come along on a voyage of discovery into the world of unexplored possibilities: A hunch that becomes more and more a certainty: You perceive even weak signals and follow full of curiosity the trail on which they lead you. A path to your own potential, inner growth and great freedom.


About informal painting tachism art


It was a time of awakening and change - the post-war period. A time when people longed for freedom and a new life. In art, too, new currents and ideas appeared, which meant a departure from the old traditions. The artists of this movement rejected representational painting, geometric forms and the classical principle of composition. Instead, they let themselves be guided by their innermost feelings and put their emotions and thoughts on canvas. The color itself and the movement of the brush or other tools were the motif of their works of art.

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