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Fulminant -  exclusive bright European informal art to invest in by emerging artist

Fulminant - exclusive bright European informal art to invest in by emerging artist

Acrylics and mixed media on canvas

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The artwork is made for people who not only hang a statement piece on the wall but also stand up and show backbone when it matters.


Lightning strike is called "Colpo di fulmine" in Italian.


And in German, we use the word fulminant the same way. Something communicates itself abruptly in its extraordinary effect or quality. Particularly impressive things and events, especially when they have been made possible by a remarkable and extraordinary achievement of one or more people. Or a realization sometimes hits us like a bolt from the blue.


The artwork "Colpo de Fulmine" is a brilliant composition of colors and materials. It makes a clear statement in any room.


The shellac gives its surface something mysterious, fractal. An important aspect that stands in stark contrast to the resolute shapes. The lightning itself directs the viewer's gaze: the clear direction of the shape points to the center, which, when presented appropriately, can be used to charmingly emphasize the object placed below...


About Informal Painting:

Informal art is a movement that stands out for its abstraction and spontaneous expressions. Informal art works are unique and can add a personal touch to any space. By cleverly integrating the colors and shapes of the artworks into the invididual interior, you create a harmonious and individual atmosphere...

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