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Don't break my heat

Don't break my heat

Diptych - mixed media on canvas

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We have come to understand that at any moment something unexpected can happen - but fear has never been a good advisor.


Courage and determination, a brave heart and a strong will are needed to initiate a positive development, which becomes stronger and stronger: You yourself are the igniting spark!


About Informal Painting and Tachism Arwork:

On a sunny day in 1951, art historian Michel Tapié stood in his apartment staring out the window. In the distance, he could hear the faint sound of the sea. But his thoughts were on the many abstract works of art he had seen in recent years. He wondered if there was a common denominator that united these works. So he pondered, until suddenly a term came to his mind - "Art Informel."

He was excited by this new term, which was to establish a new movement in the art world. Art Informel stood for an artistic attitude that turned away from classical principles of composition and from geometric abstraction. Color and the visible trace left by the application of paint were the motif of this new art movement. Michel Tapié had defined a new style of art that summed up the abstract art of the postwar period.

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