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Acrylic and mixed media on canvas


Panacea is a mythical medicine for the treatment of all kinds of diseases. The search for such a cure, like the search for the "philosopher's stone" and the "solvent for all substances", was considered a task of alchemy.


With quiet irony, however, one wonders if it really exists, the universal solution for all problems from stress to crisis of meaning. If I had to choose a "magic bullet," it would perhaps be laughter. Because it helps against almost everything the modern (office) person is so ill at ease with...


Is your thought navigator set to cheerfulness?


About Informal Painting

At Documenta II in Kassel in 1959, the most important representatives of European Informel were shown only in the attic of the Fridericianum, while the main part of the exhibition was dominated by the large-scale abstract artworks of American painting. This circumstance led to great indignation at the time. At the most important European art exhibition of contemporary art, the European works of informal painting were in fact not shown! In the following years, European informal painters had a hard time on the international art market, because it was dominated mainly by US abstract painters. But today the trend has reversed: informal artworks by informal painters are in demand as they were before.

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