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Abstract Expressionism Painting - "How do you decide when an artwork is finished?"

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

That's quite a nasty question. Because every artist certainly wrestles with this issue every time they create a new abstract expressionist work.

On the one hand, I want theabstract painting I'm completing to be of the best possible quality and to show off my skills. So I don't want to give up too soon and "turn both ways," not just abandon it because I don't feel like trying any harder or putting any more work into it.

But this is also a trap: How many fresh, lively, spontaneous and good informal paintings have been destroyed by the stupid prejudice "if I haven't put at least x hours of work into it, it can't be finished! - so I must not tend too much to go on and put in much more work.

It's the balance that does it. And that's why it's a question that constantly accompanies an artist: Where am I right now with this abstract expressionist painting? Is it perhaps already finished and I just don't see it at the moment? Or do I think it's finished, but overlook the fact that it still has some obvious weaknesses that I could still fix. I don't like the 80-20 principle at this point. I am either satisfied with an informal work of art, or it continues to be painted.

The question of the completion of an abstract artwork is also more an intuitive than a rationally explainable decision. And with me also rather a decision process than a spontaneous decision...

Just have a look at my short video statement about abstract expressionist paintings, when are they done. I am accompanied by a current abstract expressionist artwork, which is currently on the test bench, whether I think it is finished or not.

What do you think: finished or not finished? If you are interested in informal art, you can find an overview of works on canvas incudling detailed information, sizes and prices in my informal art catalogue (in German language) here.

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