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Informal Art - Taming the Dragon…

A large abstract painting sometimes behaves like a dragon. It is simply difficult to tame!

If you paint in a process-oriented way - as I do - you don't always get the result you have in mind right away. The "beautiful" abstract red painting that you would like to have somehow.

As an artist, however, I have to be prepared to engage with what develops in the informal painting process. And this process often does not go in a straight line towards the goal. It often leads through phases in which I would like to throw down the brush, lock the studio door and never come back.

This was also the case with this large abstract painting.

Okay. So I did come back to the two canvases, which at 2 metres wide and 1.20 cm high have an XXL format that fills the wall. And a strong statement.

So in today's video I take you on a short journey into one of the typical techniques that are part of the working method of informal painting. Drip painting, as we know it from the American abstract expressionists, e.g. Jackson Pollock. Drips and traces of liquid paint everywhere. I'll show you briefly with a zoom in on the details how many different "traces" the abstract artwork is composed of.

In an informal work of art, don't just look at the top layer, but go closer, try to look behind the surface and let yourself be drawn into the deeper levels.

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