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Fear of entering? - Art Informel Gallery Munich

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Quite a few people shy away from art...

...when it hangs in the elegant rooms of a noble gallery in the museum district. Only a few visitors have the courage to step over the threshold! Even more - as recently experienced - the gallery is open, but you can only enter after ringing the doorbell.

Do you feel the same way?

Abstraktes Kunstwerk Gelb Rot:  Sonnenwind von Anja Stemmer  Extremes Hochformat  Abstracktes Acrylbild Gelb Modern

Before I started working as an artist myself, I often felt that way. I was actually curious about the paintings and sculptures, but in a "white cube" - that is, very elegant, white, noble rooms - I got a queasy feeling. At least when I was traveling alone. I probably feared being coolly "sized up" at first and felt more like an intruder than a welcome visitor. Wise words to the paintings I would have found 15 or 20 years ago also not necessarily, because I studied physics and not art history.

But I actually find this scandalous.

Of course, an original work of art is a premium product. But if you take a look at how car manufacturers operate in the premium segment, for example, luxury clearly comes to the people, no hurdles are erected and threshold fears are stoked. Desire - yes, and with it the dream of one day being able to afford the object of desire. To be able to imagine exactly how it would be if ....

That's why I often exhibit in spaces where there is no threshold fear. I work with partners who are just as enthusiastic as I am about conveying the joy of living with art, a pleasant ambience, enjoyment, culture and beautiful furniture. In a price segment beyond Mömax and Ikea, but also not in astronomical heights.

And how can I bring this to life online? I have thought about it and start with a small video series in my new YouTube channel.

Would you like to take a closer look at the artwork first? I take you on a small video inspection and let you zoom in on the details of the extreme high format. In the second part you can watch a few living examples:

And if you have questions about the format, the dimensions or the price of a work, then get here my current art catalog!

I look forward to your suggestions on which questions, views or insights I could also address in my video series!

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