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Abstract Expressionist Painting: Mark Making Tools

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Almost paradoxical. Because my paintings are created 95% with other tools. So NOT with the brush. And yet I love brushes. I can not get enough of them: In certain stores they should only let me in if they have taken my wallet and credit card before....

We're not talking about the normal brushes here - the ones with the short or long bristles with marten hair, pig bristle or synthetic fibers. Of course, I could give a whole lecture on large and small, hard and soft brushes, short and long bristles, and so on. But today I'm going to talk about a special brush.

With very special brushes you can also leave very special traces on the artwork. I often use a painterly gesture (executed with a special brush) specifically to make the painting even more exciting and interesting.

Particularly beautiful you can see this in my work "the incursion". Which brush is used for the rust-red gesture at the bottom left, I show you in my short video.

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