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Informelle Malerei von Anja Stemmer Kunstwerk Time Warp.jpg


Time - a phenomenon of fleeting unattainability contrasted with moments of complete focus. The flash of an idea. The sinking into a feeling. More of a visual experience than a rational comprehension - just as the space-time continuum happens to have four dimensions, but the human mind seems to be made for only three of them.


What to do? Projecting three-dimensional space onto the surface of a screen in order to give the temporal dimension a chance? Or interweave everything with everything so closely that the visible contains an inkling of what could be possible in an augmented reality? Containing the projection of an imaginary axis.

The unattainable that is full of attraction - whirlpools that twirl us into space-time. The artist's pictorial worlds are characterized by great dynamics, speed and expansive gestures.

Anja Stemmer's playing field has always been the mathematics of beauty - formerly at home in the formulas of theoretical physics, abstraction has remained today, but is now expressed through pure colour: color and paint. Both are meant, because the haptic quality of the material also plays a major role in the artist's work, which can be classified as informal painting.

Immerse yourself in colors. The artist relatively consistently refuses to attribute forms. To be a guest in an exclusively pictorial-visual world of complete flow - for precious moments in a realm beyond the borders of space and time, that's what the pictorial worlds of the artist Anja Stemmer transport.


Detail view from "Vellamo"

solidified time. The fractal play of shapes resulting from the drying process of two partially repellent binders. 

10-L_g_A_22xxx_IMG_4656 200 x 140.JPG

Diptych "YO Universe"

big gesture Massive and filigree at the same time. Spatiality through the transparency beyond a mere bulk of extraordinarily liquid color matter.

Oberflächenstruktur des abstrakten Kunstwerks Alvin inspiriert von der Tiefsee.JPG

Detail view from "Alivn"

structure and shape. A dive into the depths of transparency and opacity. Color and materiality -  two dimensions that can mark out an artistic field of research.

Informelle Malerei von Anja Stemmer Diptychon asymmetrisch _edited.jpg
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